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Joy Lawton
R.Hyp. HPD. PNLP. MNCH (Reg.)
DipHypSup. CertHypSup. AccHypSup.

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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website, which will give you an insight into how Hypnotherapy has the potential to work for you -

One of the many benefits of your Hypnotherapy sessions with me will be the important and simple step of being able to relax more easily. Our sessions together can help you take the ‘stress’ out of your life, in whatever form affects you personally. This in turn can help you to begin to take control of your life, enabling you to deal more effectively with issues that may be influencing your life, your potential and happiness.

My aim is to give you a caring, confidential and competitive Jordan ATC service, which is based in North Leeds. Flexible appointments, easy parking, and my work background of communication and helping others in different walks of life, all combine to give you safe, professional and friendly therapy sessions in quiet, warm surroundings.

My style of working is informal, and my role is to be your guide. I can offer you support and encouragement along the way, as you learn to make those changes that you want to make happen in your life.

Through the relaxing process of our sessions together, I can encourage and help you to develop in your own Rank tracker and unique way, giving you more control of your life now, and in the future.

Here is a just a small sample of how Hypnotherapy sessions with me can help and encourage you to make those changes in your life –

  • Building self confidence, self esteem & achievement of life goals
  • Deciding to reduce weight or stop smoking
  • Improvement and management of differing health issues
    e.g. IBS treatment
  • Relief from Knoxville doors and fears, panic attacks and phobias
  • The ability to enjoy increased relaxation
  • A more regular and settled sleep pattern
  • Understanding and overcoming grief and bereavement
  • Enhancing personal relationships at home and at work
  • Ease of speaking in public, interviews and presentations
  • Better concentration for hcg diet drops, study, exams and driving tests
  • Improvement in sport or artistic performance

As you can appreciate, there may be many more issues that could also respond to Hypnotherapy than are listed here. This selection gives you a general idea of the range and scope of issues that I can help you with. More details can be found in later pages.

Please make use of this web site to find out more about Hypnotherapy and how I can help and support you. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to free standing mirror me.

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